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General Stone Design Guidance

Please read the following.

  • To receive a full quotation the following information is required:
    • Using the stone size guide on page 4, draw a cross section of each stone profile with dimensions.
    • Provide information on how many pieces of each stone profile you will need.
    • Provide information on each length or combination of lengths required.
  • Any length over 1200mm should be divided up allowing for 6 to 10mm joints.
  • When designing a stone cross section, allow for a minimum 1° fall at any position where water might sit.

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  • Our stone is not structural therefore all proprietary sundries (e.g. windows) should be fixed back to structure.
  • Divide long bands of stone, ie, string courses, into individual lengths in accordance with the Stone Sizing Guide. Please allow for oversizing so the final piece can be cut to fit.
  • Where a joint is present, we recommend oversizing the length of pieces which cross section is smaller than 300x100mm by 100mm to allow for site tolerances. The stone is easy to cut on site. Larger pieces over 300x100mm are not so easy to cut so consider accurate measurements.
  • All our stone is made in bespoke moulds and is hand finished, therefore we work to the following tolerances:

Dimension (mm)

Tolerance (mm)

Up to 150 mm


151 – 600 mm


601 – 1200 mm


  • Flatness Variation is 0.3% of the maximum dimension of a plane or 2mm, whichever is greater.
  • Fixings are generally required for any piece that does not have structural support from below - i.e.; cornices, headers, string courses. If fixings are required, the stone should not be less than 65mm wide. Appropriate fixings can be supplied by Monolith.
  • All stone should have proprietary silicone movement/expansion joints. Generally, to one side of individual pieces, and every 5m in long stone bands/strings.
  • DPC is recommended at all external window and door openings.

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Stone & Mortar Colours

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Stone colours
Bath Stone Cotswold Stone Sandstone Limestone Grey Portland Grey

Mortar colours
Brick Red Dark Grey Mid Beige Natural Stone Grey
*Please note: if our standard colours don't meet your project requirements, please ask a member of the team about our colour-matching service.