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What is StonePlus®?

StonePlus® is made from high quality formulated mortar utilising Jesmonite® technology, coating an EPS core. It is coated by a protective weather sealent, which safeguards against moss, algae, dirt, staining and water, and has anti-graffiti properties.

Use In Construction

StonePlus® can be produced for use in new builds, when restoring heritage features or adding architectural enhancements, such as: window cills, door surrounds, columns, cappings, pillars, copings, stringers, corbels, pediments and decorative features, to name but a few.

The beauty of StonePlus® is that, although it has the same aesthetics of any building products it may replace, profiles are around 75% lighter than natural stone. Therefore, installing it has added benefits - being lightweight, means it's easy to handle and to manipulate - Health & Safety implications are lessened, and two man jobs easily converted to one.

Pointing StonePlus


Monolith® was born out of the need for a finish to an ICF construction project that replicated real stone. Since then we have continued to develop and work with ICF suppliers and provide a range of products and solutions for those choosing this great building technology. We have worked with a number of leading ICF manufacturers including Nudura, Polysteel, Polarwall and Amvic.

The StonePlus® range affords you the ability to create a traditional styled home whilst utilising a modern, energy efficient building method. With a range of window cills, surrounds, headers, keystones, quoins, cornices and many other profiles available, many styles can be achieved with ease. StonePlus® is fitted using a strong polymer enhanced, cement based adhesive especially formulated to bond EPS.

In addition, Monolith® are proud to be members of the ICFA (Insulating Concrete Formwork Association). Dedicated to promoting the use of ICF for residential and commercial buildings in the UK. More information on how StonePlus® can be used with ICF projects can be found on the ICFA website.


Now Made With Jesmonite®

Monolith® now uses Jesmonite® as part of our range. The ultimate chameleon material of the building industry.


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