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We are the leading independent specialist manufacturer and distributor of enhanced brick & stone products for the construction industry. We are based in the North West of Wales.

Monolith was created from the need to create brick slips and lightweight stone for the owner of a new build. ICF had been chosen as the substrate for the project, to provide a modern, innovative and thermally efficient dwelling. The challenge became: how to finish the exterior.

The Monolith technical team designed what is now known as BrickPlus and StonePlus – technically innovative products that have continued to be developed and refined to the suite of products that we manufacture today.

If you’re reading this, then you may already be aware of the many USP’s of our products and are interested in becoming a stockist or distributor of our products. We are pleased to have the opportunity to welcome you to the growing number of affiliates who also see the key benefits of our enhanced products.

This document has been designed to explain how our stockist / distributor relationships work. If you need assistance with anything in this booklet, you can always contact us on 01745 535 855 or email info@monolith.build.


All Monolith products are bespoke and made to order.

We can offer our ‘popular range’ of 20 brick styles for a faster, more economic turnaround for the end user, which is reflected in the RRP. However, if you’re looking for something more unique, then look no further – we offer a bespoke service to match existing brick, even if it’s no longer traditionally produced.


BrickPlus: Pro is a first in the construction industry – instead of fitting individual brick slips one-by-one, we’ve created a way of producing a pre-populated carrier using an integrated mesh webbing. BrickPlus: SoloSlips are produced as individual slips, and can be made in a wide variety of colours, textures and finishes, including something bespoke.

Deliveries can be made within as little as 14 days from receipt of signed order


BrickPlus: Eco is our innovative insulated brick cladding system. It consists of 12 of our BrickPlus: EcoSlip products which are bonded to lightweight, fire retardant, high grade EPS panels.

These products can take a little longer due to the manufacturing process which can affect lead times. This will be advised at the outset of any project.


StonePlus is a true alternative to traditional stone, available in a wide variety of authentic and traditional stone colours. The main feature of StonePlus is that it is extremely lightweight – whilst it has the same look and feel as stone, we have created a product that is around 75% lighter, but equally as strong and weather resistant.

As with all of our products, StonePlus items are bespoke to the project / client’s specifications. Assuming all drawings have been supplied with sufficient information and cross checked for accuracy, the first deliveries can be made within 21 days from receipt of signed order and deposit.



Brick product samples can be ordered through your sales representative for approval from yourself or your client. Monolith will prioritise any distributors sample orders over public. Most samples can be despatched on the same day of ordering, with brick match samples taking a little longer.


Most stone samples (for example: a cut through section of a generic stone sample or a stone colour swatch) can be provided within 72 hours of ordering. A unique bespoke sample can be produced upon request, but can take longer due to the production process.


This process will take approximately one working week from receipt of order, assuming a physical sample and high-quality images have been provided to enable the best match possible.

Once a brick match has been approved by the client, the product can be manufactured to the specific requirements in volume. Brick matching can be ordered through our website (www.buybrickslips.com) or in liaison with one of our team. Please contact us on orders@monolith.build or 01745 535 855.


Sample wall size up to 100 bricks or more can be produced on request for commercial clients. This may incur a charge which is redeemed in full when an order is placed.

When using a reference panel, use BS 5628-3:2005 Annex D for guidelines on quantity and details for sample.


Production rates can be modified to accomodate quantities required for each project. However, the rate can also alter depending on the product being manufactured as the more complex a product becomes, the longer the production window required.


The capacity and lead times are heavily dependent on project complexity as well as volumes already scheduled into production. However, where possible, call off schedules provided are adhered to as closely as possible to supply the demand required on site.


A number of our leads are organic, repeat customers or long-standing relationship building through business development negotiations. Monolith will still sell direct to some of these clients. However, in our experience, this can become problematic in furnishing the customer with the right and acceptable level of customer service.

Monolith understand that distributors operate nationally and have a desire to actively promote our products. No doubt, there will – on occasion – be times when geographically, projects will be inextricably linked. With this in mind, and where possible, Monolith will co-ordinate geographic leads by way of access to a register of projects with all the relevant project details, so the whole network is aware of all live projects and which partner is managing it. This will reduce confusion and optimise the customer service levels we can offer through their local stockist / distributor. In this instance, the stockist / distributor will then be responsible for managing the customer project and their expectations in terms of effective communication and service throughout the life of the project.

Ultimately, our aim is to provide a network that all operate to the same standards, utilising a generic pricing structure and regard other distributors / stockist as affiliated partners. Therefore, in addition to the above, we would expect the majority of projects, where possible, to be dealt with regionally by the most local stockist and the price protection to be honoured.

Monolith reserve the right to still sell direct where applicable.


Many of our product deliveries can be from as little as 14 days from receipt of signed order, if stipulated. The example tables on the following page demonstrates deliveries in accordance with a suggested call off plan.

Monolith Brick & Stone manufacture products that require careful handling, so we prefer to utilise selected logistics companies or our own logistics to avoid the ‘hub’ network – where products can fall foul of mishandling and subsequent damages. In this case, the price for logistics will be an additional charge which will need to be factored into your customers price. Typical standard pallet charges can be up to £85.00.

If, as a stockist, you wish to provide your own logistics, then the distribution cost, coordination and care of products is ultimately your responsibility.

Our products all come palletised and secured with polystyrene outer packaging, external strapping and a showerproof transparent pallet cover. All pallets are labelled with client / customers detailed batch or product details and quantities in accordance with our Quality Management System.

If you’re interested in white labelling, please discuss this with one of our team. Please contact us on orders@monolith.build or 01745 535 855.