We are very happy to announce that our new website – www.BuyBrickSlips.com – is now online, and awaiting your brick slip order.

As the leading independent specialist manufacturer and distributor of enhanced brick slips, we’ve decided to sell direct online to various channels.

Having identified our most popular range of brick slips – a range that continues to grow – we can now offer them to purchase directly from the website.

As we produce to order, you’ll need to act fast to secure your slot in our production schedule.

Product range available

As part of a recent launch for a new product – BrickPlus: Pro – we are excited to offer it for sale directly from the site to our customers.

BrickPlus: Pro is a real game changer.

We are revolutionising the way external brick finishes are applied with our BrickPlus: Pro product. Following extensive research and development, we have integrated a fibreglass mesh inside the brick, creating a panel of 12 rapid-fit slips that speed up installation and reduce labour costs.

We sell BrickPlus: Pro in boxes of 5 panels that equates to one square metre.

Alongside our flagship BrickPlus: Pro product, we also offer all our popular bricks in our SoloSlip style. These are individual slips, made using the same hard-wearing, advanced composite material that gives more than the usual benefits of traditional alternatives.

SoloSlips are sold in boxes of 30, equating to half a metre square.

To complement your projects, we also supply SoloSlip corners. As they are applied individually, no mesh is embedded in them. It’s useful to order corners at the same time as your other materials, as we will ensure the same mix is used to make everything, removing any matching issues.

We also offer free samples on the site, so you can see the finished result. Request a sample and we’ll send out a SoloSlip to you – you just cover the postage.



A very popular feature of the site is our brick matching service. If you need a certain style of brick, but you either can’t find stock or it’s now out of production, we can try to match it for you. It’s as simple as completing a form, paying then we start the process.

Bespoke offering

Because we manufacture all our brick slips, we aren’t restricted to existing brick finishes. As a result, we can offer you something truly bespoke. If you can imagine it, we will try and make it for you! Think about colour, texture and finish – all key components in the creation of something new.

The site also contains general information about why our products are better than traditional alternatives, along with frequently asked questions that might provide you with an insight for your next project. Naturally, if you have any further questions, you can always speak to us – contact information is on the site too.

For potential Trade customers, you can still contact us directly for special pricing on large order quantities.

We are very pleased to have the site up and running – providing you with an easy to use method of ordering brick slips for your building projects.

The site will continue to grow – both in product ranges available and accessories – so be sure to check back often for a solution to your requirements.

We hope you enjoy using BuyBrickSlips.com!