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What is BrickPlus®?

BrickPlus® is an insulated brick cladding system, which replaces traditional ‘block & brick’ when used in unison with either ICF or various structural substrates. It consists of high quality formulated mortar brick slips utilising Jesmonite technology, mounted on fire retardant, high grade EPS panels.

The Benefits of BrickPlus®

Eliminates Cold Bridging

When fitted, it helps provide a tight thermal building envelope and effective solid rain-screen. Importantly, the thermal insulation properties of EPS, which is at the core of the system, eliminates cold bridging and ensures a low U-value.

Easier, Faster & Cheaper

Unlike traditional builds, a specialist bricklayer is not necessary to fit the system, instead it is easily and quickly fitted by an installer. Therefore, in comparison to conventional products, the installation of BrickPlus® is up to 60% faster, and cheaper - when you take in to consideration related costs such as labour and scaffolding.

This, coupled with the reduction of mess and reduced clear up time, represents significant savings to any building project, and if scaffolding is needed on a job, it’s hired for a much shorter period, with no loading platforms necessary.

Other benefits include the ability to work with a lower grade steel due to the massive weight reductions of our product when compared with traditional brick slips, which could potentially save your project thousands of pounds.

Use In Construction

BrickPlus® can be used in new builds and renovation, externally and internally. The system is designed to work with ICF, timber frame, SIPS and steel frame construction.

BrickPlus® can also be utilised on External Wall Insulation projects to match existing brickwork and form a complete EWI system.

In addition, BrickPlus® can be used internally. Its lightweight nature and ease of installation means it can be easily utilised to create dramatic residential and commercial spaces.

Fire Resistance

As part of its accreditation BrickPlus has been tested in accordance with British and European Standards. The BrickPlus system has been awarded a fire resistance classification of BS EN 13501-1: B-S1,d0. When tested in reaction to fire and its own decomposition to a fire, the smoke emission quantity/speed of emission was absent or weak. Additionally, when tested it did not produce any flaming droplets or particles.

Download our certification here.

Panel Weight & Size Guide

  • 40mm 12 Slip Centre - 2.7kg
  • 60mm 12 Slip Centre - 2.9kg
  • 5 x BrickPlus® Centre Panels = 1m²
  • 3kg per panel = 15kg/m²

Now Made With Jesmonite®

Monolith® now uses Jesmonite® as part of our range. The ultimate chameleon material of the building industry.


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