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BrickPlus and StonePlus are innovative products that are revolutionising building projects around the UK. Whether you are involved with a new build, retrofit or renovation project, StonePlus and BrickPlus let you create stunning looks without the hassle of traditional materials.

BrickPlus brick slip systems have the outward appearance, variety of colours and finish of traditional brick slips whilst offering a rapid-fit cladding solution which is both lightweight and realistic.

StonePlus is a true alternative to traditional stone, which replicates architectural stone profiles in colour, texture and finish. StonePlus is heralded as the premium lightweight stone due to it’s beautiful presentation and robust nature.

Both BrickPlus and StonePlus are compatible with a wide range of building technologies and can be used either internally or externally by anyone from an avid DIY’er to a major contractor.

We offer a huge selection of colours, profiles and bond types. If you can’t find exactly what you need in our range do not hesitate in contacting us to discuss your requirements.

All Monolith products hold BBA accreditation to ensure suitability for all construction projects.


Monolith is strictly a manufacturer of high-quality construction products and therefore focuses the majority of efforts on our production process and customer service to ensure our quality is consistent in both respects.

Although we understand that guidance is typically required when considering an alternative product for your project so our expertly trained technical team can discuss your requirements to ensure that you have the documentation and knowledge to design and install BrickPlus and StonePlus for your building.

Working from your site measurements, surveys and drawings is our typical process as we do not offer a site surveying service. Anything from an initial sketch through to architectural drawings Monolith can work in unison with you to ensure accuracy when implementing our products as solutions.

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Head Of Operations

Edd Wilson

Sales & Marketing Manager

Simon Baker

Head Of Technical


Monolith recognises the importance of minimising the impact of its activities on the environment. It’s a priority throughout production with far less waste created than for traditional bricks and brick slips alike. The materials used are carefully procured to reduce their impact at all stages of their life-cycle.

Both StonePlus and BrickPlus let you match existing profiles and features – or create new ones – without the problem of cold bridging.

They can be used in conjunction with external wall insulation systems to prevent lowering the U-Value of the wall. Both products can improve a building’s thermal efficiency and may help it quality for grants, refunds and other incentives.