The Makers of BrickPlus® and StonePlus®

A rapid fit brick and lightweight stone architectural enhancement cladding system. The perfect solution to most building technologies and used by Architects, Self Builders and Major Contractors throughout the UK.

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About us

BrickPlus® and StonePlus® are compatible with a wide range of building technologies and can be used either internally or externally. There's a huge choice of colours, profiles and bonds. If you don’t find exactly what you need in our range, you can specify the look you require.

Our skilled team can match existing brick or stonework as closely as possible providing a bespoke product for your construction or renovation projects. Both StonePlus® and BrickPlus® come with full Kiwa BDA and BBA approval.

BrickPlus®  60%
Faster Build

It's significantly faster when compared to other Brick slip systems.

BrickPlus®  2.5
Lighter Building Material

It's so much lighter when compared to traditional Brick slips.

StonePlus®  75%
Lighter Than Stone

StonePlus® looks the same but 75% lighter than the real thing.

Eliminates Cold Bridging

When fitted, it helps provide a tight thermal building envelope and effective solid rain screen.

Tried & Tested

Our product range has undergone vigorous testing enduring Thermal shock/freeze-thaw test over 10 weeks - simulating 50 years of extreme weather conditions.

Protected by a Weather Resistant Sealant

Protected by a weather resistant sealant that safe guards against moss, algae, dirt, staining and water, and has anti-graffiti properties.

Used in Construction

StonePlus® can be produced for use in new builds, when restoring heritage features or adding architectural enhancements, such as: window cills, door surrounds, columns, cappings, pillars, copings, stringers, corbels, pediments and decorative features, to name but a few.

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